Say hello to me and answer to my questions guys;

#1 by RacerBG , Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:48 pm

Well guys Im new here my real name is Georgi Todorov and Im from Bulgaria.
I had discovered GP2 before 1 year and after success modding I had been invited to join here with my team.
I had maked my own team which is called Team Bulgaria and I want join in your league

My questions are:
What to do?
How to join in your league?
When to join?
Is this a manager game or I must drive?
What are the rules here?
Is there are free slots for teams?

Thanks in advance

A little info for my team:
The team is fictional and his name is Team Bulgaria.His drivers are Georgi Todorov (me) and Vladimir Arabajiev a real GP2 driver.The engine is called BGR1 and is fantasy.

Here are some shots:
As you can see I have a whole fantasy carset

Attached pictures:
TBG 3D look.JPG   carset ready 2.JPG  
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RE: Say hello to me and answer to my questions guys;

#2 by jakesanson , Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:14 pm

Hi Georgi, great to see you here!!

All you need to do is design your team, which I can see you already have, and choose which race series you'd like to compete in.

You can enter Team Bulgaria in the following single seater championships: GPWC, Lola World Series, F3, FJunior. Although for 2011 I believe all the GPWC slots are now taken, I am still waiting for all the entries to be received, so I am willing to accept your entry for 2011 as a GPWC, provided you get your entry (car bmp) put on this forum in good time (before 31st December) and your team can replace whichever teams have not submitted their entry.

This is a forum for Fictional drivers only, so whilst Georgi Todorov would be permitted to race as a driver, Vladimir Arabasiev would not. You would need to find another driver in the Driver's Market (see Ideas, Rules and FAQs). There is one other Bulgarian driver still available to purchase (George Trennev) but we are happy for you to introduce us to another driver. You may also want to submit Team Bulgaria in Lola World Series, F3 and FJunior with some younger drivers.

If you could add Team Bulgaria in "Meet The Teams" and tell us the history of the team with some info on your racing projects etc that would include you more in the racing community.

You can also run teams in F1, F2, CART, IndyCars, Le Mans, GT, SuperLeague, WTCC, ITC and Formula 3000. Have a look in each forum to see who is available.

Each team (so Team Bulgaria) is permitted to work with five manufacturers and five racing teams exclusively. You'll have to make sure that you're not choosing contracts that have been taken by other racing teams, check before you decide basically!!

It is a manager game with each forum run by different people. To get the idea, maybe choosing just GPWC or Lola World Series for 2011 may help you so you can get used to how it works.

You run each team by choosing two drivers for each team, as well as an engine and tyres (each forum explains how much this will cost, and if not tell me). You'll then need to paint your car and attach it to the relevant championship forum. Then we race!! After two or three races the prize money you win can be used to improve your car's performance, either speed or reliability and eventually you'll start winning races as you progress.

Let me know if you have any more questions. Glad that you're here, and welcome to the GP2 WRL, Team Bulgaria and Georgi Todorov!!

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RE: Say hello to me and answer to my questions guys;

#3 by RacerBG , Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:54 am

For the beggining I will choose Lola World Series 2011

If George Trennev is free I can choose him for second driver its not a problem.

Thanks for all the info and I think this is very nice league the rules are amazing for me I very like them.But now what I must to do?

Here is my bmp:

Team Bulgaria.rar
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RE: Say hello to me and answer to my questions guys;

#4 by RacerBG , Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:38 am

And here are my three helmets + the car livery
And I had maked a post in meet the teams topic and I had maked a request to join in the Lola Championship for 2011.

WRL Championship.rar
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